Suedanka Kennels

Breeder & Exhibitor of Quality Cocker Spaniels


Welcome to the Suedanka Kennels small section of the internet.

Suedanka Kennels in New Zealand is owned by Amanda Calman, specialising in healthy, true to type,  top winning, Cocker Spaniels, suitable for both the home and the show ring.

We are one of only a few breeders in NZ that prescrib to the NZ Kennel Club Accredited Breeders Scheme, which means we put the health of our dogs as a priority.  For more information please click on the logo.

One of our home bred girls, 'Diva' was  NZ's First and Youngest Grand Champion Cocker Bitch obtaining this elite title at just 2.5yrs old she has now gone on to be the First Cocker Spaniel in NZ to achieve the Supreme Grand Champion title - the highest award currently on offer in NZ.

We are have now campaigned three cockers to the elusive NZ Grand Champion title.

We have imported numerous cockers in the past years to enable us to widen the gene pool and enable the kennel to continue on its path of excellence.

We support DNA testing for PRCD-PRA & FN and also do regular eye certificates by a registered Ophthamologist - we aim to breed healthy cockers that can see, not just look beautiful in the show ring!

 If you wish to chat about the Cocker Spaniel, feel free to drop me a line or give me a call, I enjoy talking about the dogs, visitors are welcome by appointment due to work and show commitments, we are not always home! 

We breed very occasionally, preferring to see how each puppy matures before carefully planning and researching the next litter, we do have a waiting list for both show and pet puppies.